How To Join The VIP Trading Signal Channel Of Joker Team

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Signal channel is considered the most successful service of Joker Team. Our VIP channel is known for its quality, efficiency, safety and transparency.

In this article, we will share how you can join our signal channel as well as the way to check its trading history. You can also learn how to manage risk based on your total deposit and how to open safe trades.


What is the trading signal channel?

Our longtime traders of the Joker team will plan, trade and share trading signals into the VIP Channel. From there, our customers will follow the signals to open orders.

Signals include specific entry points, clear stop loss and take profit levels.

What is the trading signal?

What is the trading signal?

Note: The range from the entry point to SL is usually from 50 to 60 pips. Similarly, the range from the entry point to the TP1 level is also from 50 to 60 pips. Ratio R:R = 1:1. We never place SL far (100 pips or more).

Why should you join Joker Team’s Vip Channel?

  • We do not trade by mouth

This is very important when creating a signal channel. Only by real trading with our own money, we are responsible to our customers.

Shared signals will not be “for fun” to have sufficient numbers. These should be orders with a high winning rate.

Team Joker trading account

Team Joker trading account

  • Risk management plan

Risk management a.k.a capital management in each trade is considered the most important thing in this market. Good signals but without a good capital management plan is meaningless.

At Joker Team, we have a clear plan for our customers. We stick to each person’s account and ask them to comply.

Our goal is to survive and go the long way together.

  • Sharing every month on Zoom

We want to share both our beliefs and knowledge in the field of trading with all clients. Therefore, twice a month, we will share and review the market with the customers.

  • Transparency, clarity and dedication

Every day, we will summarize the trading orders in the VIP signal channel (including real accounts).

At the end of each week, there will be a detailed and clear summary table to demonstrate the effectiveness. They include trading account images and specific videos.

Summary of trading history by week

Summary of trading history by week

Note: If you are a beginner and still don’t know how to trade, the team will guide you all about how to enter and exit each order, how to set SL and TP accordingly.

How to join our VIP signal channel

Method 1: Register for an Exness account at the registration button below and deposit at least $500. After that, contact us to join the channel.


Method 2: Contact us to buy the following VIP plans at a very reasonable price to enter the VIP channel

VIP plans and pricing

VIP plans and pricing

You can contact us via:



How to check the transparency of the Joker team

1. You can go directly to our channel’s trading history to review it. Trading signals, funds and Copy Trade are all publicly available (including trading accounts).

2. Register for an Exness account and inbox me directly. I will add you to the VIP Channel. You can directly check orders or use your demo account to trade for the first few weeks.

3. Verify again after 1 month of joining Joker Team. If it doesn’t work, you can leave.

Why we choose Exness broker

  • Exness is the world’s leading broker, reputable, fast deposit and withdrawal.
  • Low fees (reasonable spread, no commission, no swap fees).
  • Most of our accounts are in Exness and we can ensure uniformity of the entry points, SL and TP levels.


1. You can register, deposit, check, etc, or do what you like. If you don’t like it, you can leave. We take nothing from you.

2. If you already have an Exness account, use another email and sign up again. You can use old information such as phone number, identity card, driving license… Just need a new email.

3. All Zoom sharings are quality. Don’t forget to join. There is a lot of useful knowledge with practical examples for you to learn from.

4. The money is yours. As soon as you read these lines, it is still in your pocket. So, be skeptical and make it a try.



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