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This is the Scalping channel, and with Joker we will Scalp Gold.

Usually, the formula will be Scalping + Gold = Extreme Risk.

Therefore, think carefully when you intend to enter this VIP channel.

What is Scalping?

Scalping is a type of trading strategy where traders will seek to take small profits on price movements in extremely short time frames. For this strategy, traders will open and close orders regularly during the day and never hold orders overnight.

Thus, sometimes you just need to win a few Pips, which is enough. Winning dozens of pips or more is called a lot in Scalping.

It will not be like Day trading with 1 SL, 3 TP, and R:R capital management. Scalping is much faster – when the wave goes up, we surf and when the wave ends, we stop.

Joker’s procedure

1. Giving signals

Because it is a Scalping signal, I only give a single price level to enter the order and a single price to place SL (Stop-loss).

For example, SELL Gold price 1843.8x – SL 1850. Reason for entry: the confluence of downtrend + levels + reversal candle.

Joker's procedure in the VIP Scalping channel

Joker’s procedure in the VIP Scalping channel

2. Quote profits

When there is a profit of 15-20 pips, I will quote it. Here, you can take profits, move the SL to breakeven, or whatever. Remember, tens of pips or more in Scalping is already a lot.

3. Summary

After summarizing by pips, many guys said that Joker has 3 TPs, so the pips summary is so virtual. Ok! Now I’ll summarize the results by money. The winning trade is positive (+) and the losing trade is negative (-).

Summarize results every day

Summarize results every day

Question: Why is SL 50 pips and TP only 15 pips?

Answer: This is Scalping. I give 1 SL for you to have a stop. Get up, brush your ass and get out. And if the trade fails, you can actively stop it to cut loss. Far or close SL is both okay. When you’re wrong, you must use SL to stop and preserve capital.

Conditions to enter the VIP Scalping channel

Fee $39/month

Regardless of whatever platform you’re trading, I don’t lure you, raise capital or receive trust…

Commitment: What you guys get is absolutely worth it. I accept fees that will come with clear responsibilities and benefits.


1. Good quality signal

What is a good quality signal?

– Every signal I give, I will also enter it with a $25K XM account. Enter 1 lot/order regularly. And for all scalping trades, I will explain why.

– Minimum 2 signals/day with clear SL points. It’s normal for me to give 5-7 signals every day.

Good quality signal

Good quality signal

2. Fixed Zoom sharing sessions every week

– Review each trade. What is right and wrong and what is the experience received?

– Share the experience in risk management and emotional management in trading. Since Joker Team aims to survive, these lessons must be absolutely top-notch.

– Share the Joker Scalping method, the trading positions in Joker Magic, especially Timing (Magic Time).

Magic Time in Scalping method

Magic Time in Scalping method

Who should join the VIP Scalping channel?

Repeat the criterion: SURVIVAL – If you can breathe in this market, you will earn. Scalping is okay and Swing is also not bad… The first criterion must be SURVIVAL.

Type 1: Those who know how to manage risk, know exactly how much money will be lost in a trade and accept it.

Type 2: Those are losing money, losing faith in the Forex market, looking for a teacher to learn, looking for a place to check if anyone can make money with Gold Scalping,… Then come here. Pay fees and participate in Zoom sessions. At least, I trade with the strategy I share – practical, no mouth trade, no rambling.

Scalping trading strategy

Scalping trading strategy

After paying fees to join the VIP Scalping channel, what to do next?

1. Stay still

Join and then stay still there. You do not need to do anything. First, see how I’m doing, and how the signal quality is. And is it effective?

You don’t need to hurry. Waves of gold are available every day. There are unlimited chances for you to trade. So if you just join, the first thing you should do is to stay still and verify the effectiveness of the channel.

2. Join ZOOM

You should at least see my face. Who is this guy? What is his mindset? Did he know how to manage capital well?

So, let’s meet me once via Zoom to see if I’m reliable or trusting enough for you to follow the signal I give.

3. Test

I make money, but I’m not sure that those who do the same thing make money. Scalping trading is like a psychological game, those who are “psychologically weak” will only lose money. Therefore, if the test is not good, then you should leave the channel.


$39 is not big. Many people pay thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars for the market but regret $39 to learn.

Also, after joining the VIP Scalping channel, you should take some time to meet me via Zoom. You guys need to see the channel owner’s personality or thinking. In the signal channel, if the owner and others can earn money while you keep losing, you have to review what is wrong. If the problems are yours, you can share them with everyone to find solutions. If the channel is not effective, then you should leave early because the longer you’re in, the more you’ll lose.

Repeat: This is a game of money, please be skeptical and check it carefully. Finally, be responsible for your own money.

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