How To View The Trading History Of The Joker Team

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Joker Team is currently developing 4 main aspects and all are publicly available on the Joker Trading History telegram channel. This article is for beginners who have the intention to accompany our team as well as want to verify the quality and efficiency of the transaction. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.


How to view the trading history of the Joker team

Vip channel – Day trading

This is the signal channel of the team. Joker Team traders will both trade and send signals on this telegram channel. Other traders will enter orders according to the signal, and set the SL and TP following the plan.

In the trading history, we will summarize all trading signals and show our trading accounts. To review, you can click on #day_trading (1) => All history of #day_trading will appear (2) => Click on trading days to review trading history (3).

Look up the day trading history of Joker Team

Look up the day trading history of Joker Team

At the end of each week, we will review and summarize all orders executed during the week (MT4 clip attached).

Summary of trading history by week

Summary of trading history by week

Note: Capital management rules of the Vip Channel trading account – 1 lot/order with currency pairs and 0.6 lots/order with Gold (XAU/USD). We set up Stop Loss for all orders.

Joker Team Fund

This fund focuses on a long-term Gold trading strategy. Its criteria are to trade less, be safe, and mainly keep the money. I often call this trading method as Wave Trading. When the team determines that this is a long enough wave of Gold (several hundred pips or more), we will open a trading order.

Rules for entering orders – 3 lots/order and partial profit-taking.

How to view the fund’s Gold trading orders:

– Click on #joker_fund (1) => The entire trading history of the Fund will appear (2). You can review all the orders and the reason the Joker team entered each one.

View trading history of Joker Team Fund

View trading history of Joker Team Fund

You can click on each order to view it in detail. We use separate symbols to note and remember easily.

+ “Green tick” – take profit.

+ “Golden lock” – breakeven.

+ “Red X” – stop loss.

I will take an example of order 10. We entered 3 lots/order. We take breakeven with 1 lot and stop loss with 2 lots. The reason for entering the order is also attached.

How to see total transactions of Joker Fund

How to see total transactions of Joker Fund

Note: We do not raise funds or accept trusts from anyone.

Copy Trade

Different from the above two, for Copy Trade, we will provide the read-only password for all customers in need.

If you want to review the history of 2 Copy Trade accounts, just click on #copy_trading. Every week, we recount how much each account won or lost that week.

How to see Team Joker's Copy Trade history

How to see Team Joker’s Copy Trade history

You can actively inbox me. I will send a read-only password so you can log in directly to see how we trade and the total profit of the team. I will leave the contact at the end of this article.



Joker Academy

This is a channel to share knowledge about trading. Of course, knowledge sharing must be accompanied by real trading. Therefore, we set aside 1 account for real day trading.

Joker Academy

Joker Academy

Class channel (sharing knowledge):

Tradingview comment (actual plan):


Previously, Joker also had a BOT channel (EA trading), which earns 3-5% profit every month. But this is probably not the desired profit level of our customers so we took it out.

This is how the Joker team works. If you have any questions, please contact me through Facebook or Telegram.

Telegram Channel: Fival Trading

Zalo Channel: Gold Channel, Trading Channel

FB Cá Nhân: Quincy

TradingView: IngotVietNam

Facebook: Diễn Đàn Vàng



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