Summary of The Week (June 6 – June 10): Another Week of Winning

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We are still doing our job very well. There are just a few orders but all of them are high quality. Everything has to be. You have to understand one thing Joker Team puts the goal of SURVIVAL first. That’s why we don’t run after the opportunity to make money. We pursue the goal of safety. If it’s safe, we trade. If not, we don’t.


Joker Fund

Nothing to update because we haven’t opened any orders for 2 weeks. We just leave the money there in both the 250k fund on XM and the 320k fund on CDG.

XM Fund: $250,000

Joker XM Fund

Joker XM Fund

CDG Fund: $320,000

Joker CDG Fund

Joker CDG Fund

Copy Trade: Get back on track again

The winning streak has returned, winning continuously and going up extremely sustainably. Let’s take a look at Joker Team’s two Copy Trade accounts under MQL5 statistics.

Note: With Copy Trade, we are responsible for customers directly. So you not only have to check the read-only access but also view them on MQL5 so that you can know everything clearly and in detail.

Joker Copy 1: On the way home

Everything is still under control. After a long fall, Copy 1 has regained the feeling of winning. We manage capital and enter orders more carefully and safely.

Joker Copy Trade 1

Joker Copy Trade 1

Account overview

– Capital $20,000 – current profit $6,500, withdrawn $10,900.
– Lasts 34 weeks.
– Maximum drawdown of 36.5%
– Winning rate: 62%
– Details of Copy Trade service in the link: Copy Trade Joker Team

Joker Copy 2: Big profits

In the past 2 weeks, Copy 2 account has regained the feeling of withdrawal. We are still aiming for an even better result in the future. This is the account that we encourage you to join and copy.

Joker Copy Trade 2

Joker Copy Trade 2


– Capital $60,000 – $20,500 profit; $17,500 withdrawn.

– Lasts 24 weeks

– Maximum drawdown of 15%

– Winning rate: 65%.

Note: Before joining Copy Trade, please test both accounts thoroughly via read-only access and MQL5. Contact me immediately if you have any needs.

– Facebook:

– Telegram:

– Trading history:

VIP signal channel

If you are an experienced trader, looking for a channel that provides an entry signal. Well, Joker is doing a great job on such a channel.

Of course, the experience I mean is risk management, not trading experience.

Note: Many asked why the VIP signal channel does not have the read-only password or MQL5 statistics? Answer: We are not responsible for your account. We are only responsible for providing the safest signals. So Joker doesn’t need to show a read-only password or anything.

Channel Joker VIP

Channel Joker VIP

Two must-read articles for VIP groups:

(1) How To Join The VIP Trading Signal Channel Of Joker Team

(2) How To Manage Money When Joining Joker VIP Channel

EA/Bot trading

A lot of people contact me asking about BOT/EA (auto trading). This is simply a PASSIVE INCOME product, aimed at customers who are looking for a safe channel with a slightly higher profit margin than a bank. This is not a channel to get rich to be able to earn 10% – 20% per month.

The average profit of Joker Bot trading is only 1.5 – 2% per month. The group’s thinking from the beginning was to survive. And to survive for a long time, you must prioritize safety.

EA/BOT trading Joker

EA/BOT trading Joker


– Capital $ 22,000 – current profit $ 5,100, withdrawn $ 2,000.

– Lasts 31 weeks.

– Maximum drawdown of 12.2%

– BOT specializes in selling only 1 GBP/USD currency pair.

– Detailed link: Bot service/EA Trading

Joker Academy

This is the channel to share knowledge and real trading experience. This week’s interaction is less than last week and admin Mr.K is a bit busy :v.

How it works: Make a trading plan every morning > stick to the plan and give the entry price range (clear SL) > All realistic and clear > Summarize every week.

Mr.K is in charge of Joker Academy channel, writing articles, trading, and managing risks. This is a very good and reputable channel for you to learn, follow and practice at the same time. Most importantly, it is still Free for now. You should be hurry because when the lectures are completed, the fees will begin to be collected.

Joker Academy

Joker Academy

Currently, my Forex Academy account has been moved to Exness with a capital of $25,000. Details have been updated in this article:

Free signal sharing channel: Joker Team Channel

Knowledge Channel: Forex Academy

Reviews on Daytrading – Tradingview


Trade less, super few orders. That’s right!

But mate, why do you compare such things? We also do not need Commissions from you?

What you and I need are safety and efficiency. So if profit is the goal we aim for, what is the meaning of more or few orders? Please encourage us to trade less, but once we enter an order, it must be correct, must earn money.

My customers, I’m still trying every day to perfect everything. Therefore, you should not be too impatient or in a hurry to make our train derail. At the same time, for those who have been following Joker, just watch patiently how we do it. I believe one of the best teams that can help you go far in the market is right here.


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