Summary Of The Week (June 27 – July 1): Scalping Trading

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There are 2 products I have been creating for my partner. I’ll call them “Fast Food” for now. And they are both super delicious.

(1) Scalping – Gold trading – summarizing and withdrawing money every day.

(2) EA/BOT specializing in Gold trading – summarizing and withdrawing money every night.

Why do I have to do that?

– Our partners want 3-5 trading orders per day for their partners. Most importantly these orders should be XAU/USD (Gold), quality, and profitable signals. So I bring them the Scalping product.

– Our big MIB partners want a Bot product that can be withdrawn every day so that their sales have viral images to find customers. So I make a Gold Bot, a $34,000 account on the Exness platform.

This is why I call these two products Fast Food – delicious, fast and cheap.

Joker Scalping trading VIP channel

If the account has profits, we’ll withdraw instantly. This is Scalping’s capital management strategy to break even as quickly as possible. After depositing $25,000, we must do everything to withdraw $25,000 as soon as possible.

Read this article to know more: Joker Team VIP Scalping Channel

Joker Scalping trading VIP channel

Joker Scalping trading VIP channel

Scalping account

– Capital $25,000, profit $3,585, withdraw $3,968

– Capital management: 1 lot/order.

Scalping is not easy to make money. Most Scalping channels can’t survive for a long time. So if I can, then you should check out my channel to see how I trade and make money.

Commitment: Do not receive money to do Copy Trading. I also say no to funds raising and do not receive fund trusts for Scalping. It is mostly about sharing knowledge, entry points, and trading methods. Focus on Zoom sessions every weekend.

EA/Bot trading

Any significant upgrades shortly will focus on EA/Bot trading. Why? This is a leisurely, safe, accessible product. In particular, it is good for both sides (customers and sales) – customers have profits and sales have commissions.

I am currently running 2 trading Bots: 1 Gold Bot and 1 SELL GBP/USD Bot.




This one doesn’t need to be introduced much because I always mention it in every weekend summary.

– Capital $ 22000, average profit 3% / month.

– Lasts 34 consecutive weeks.

– Maximum drawdown of 12%.

Gold Bot

Gold Bot

Gold Bot

This bot both makes profits and commissions very well.

– Capital $ 34000, average profit 5-7%/month.

– There are clear SL and TP. Withdraw money every day.

Note: Next week, I will launch bots that are smaller from $1000 – $2000. They are currently being tested and managed to see if they are safe in times of market volatility.


I have shown almost all the accounts at Joker’s trading history channel, from Copy Trade accounts, signal channel trading accounts, and fund accounts. You can click on this link to view:

Reminder: As for Bot/EA trading and Copy Trade, you need to check the read-only access and statistics on MQL5 to understand these two products.


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