Summary of the week (June 20 – June 24): VIP Channel Specialized In Scalping

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Soon I will start my Scalping series: Joker’s Scalping method and risk management (Joker Magic). That’s why I opened a separate channel for Scalping, especially Gold ($25k account on the XM platform).

You can see the details of this article if you have a need: Joker Team VIP Scalping channel

Now let’s go to the summary to review the Joker’s trading log of last week.


Joker Fund: All stand still

– Reason 1: The market in my opinion has been accumulating to form a new wave (highly likely a bullish wave). There is still no reasonable point for all Fund accounts to start buying.

– Reason 2: I am currently connecting and partnering with some MIBs and platform representatives. Of course, I also show 2-3 Joker funds to show what our group has. Therefore, in this process, I will enter fewer orders to avoid making the trading history look bad.

Maybe next month, the long-term trades of the Joker fund will return.

Copy Trade: Also standstill

Some trades lose while some trades win, just back and forth.

It may look simple but maybe Joker is the only team that dares to put the Copy Trade account on MQL5 so everyone can see detailed statistics. Why? Because we can. Most other Copy trading teams can just last for 1-2 weeks or some stronger teams lasting 1-2 months. After that, they have nothing left in their accounts.

So, about Copy Trade, in addition to the read-only access, you need to view the statistics in detail of the Copy account on MQL5. All statistics, and all trading orders with SL & TP… are displayed here. Especially, you remember to check the number of weeks. The longer it lasts, the more valuable it is. Because we aim for a long-term, stable and safe earning goal.

Joker Copy 1

Joker Copy 1

Joker Copy 1


– Capital $20,000, current profit $5,700, withdrawn $11,500.

– Lasts 36 weeks.

– Maximum drawdown of 36.5%.

– Winning rate: 62%

– Learn about Joker Copy Trade, link:

Joker Copy 2

Joker Copy 2

Joker Copy 2


– Capital $60,000, current profit $18,900, withdrawn $20,500.

– Lasts 26 weeks.

– Maximum drawdown of 15.1%.

– Winning rate: 65%.

Contact me if you have a need. I will share both the read-only access and MQL5 for you to check.

– Facebook:

– Telegram:

– Trading history:

Scalping signal channel

Drawing experience from the VIP channel, I remade the Scalping channel with more interesting things.

– More orders during the day (Especially Gold). Naturally, the risk of Gold Scalping is extremely high.

– 1 price entry and 1 SL. Quick in and out, standard scalping.

– Review each trade and the reason for Scalping.

– Statistics in money, not statistics in pips. We are open and transparent about our profits and losses.

Scalping signal channel

Scalping signal channel


– Capital $25,000, current profit $2,500, withdrawn $2,500.

– Lasts 1 week.

– XM platform (trading history is not shortened). Show every week with videos.

– Learn about Scalping channel: Joker Team VIP Scalping Channel

EA/BOT trading

This will be the product we promote shortly. There are too many good things in this product, both beneficial for Sale and beneficial for customers.

Take a look at Joker’s GU BOT sale – 33 weeks with more than 4000 orders. Regular profits and commissions divided by IB/SALE are also extremely attractive. A win-win product for both sides.

Pic: EA/BOT trading

– Capital $22,000, current profit more than $5,400.

– Lasts 33 weeks.

– Maximum drawdown of 12.2%.

– BOT only specializes in selling GBP/USD.

– BOT product in the link:


We keep our diaries every week, no showing off here. We record to know, how long the Joker team has been around and how well we have done the job.

How about you? If your combo is still depositing, losing, and burning, then why don’t you try to contact me. Maybe, you and I will have many stories to tell.

Contact me directly if you have any needs.

– Facebook:

– Telegram:

Free channels of the Joker team that you must join.

Free signal channel: Joker Team Channel

Knowledge channel: Forex Academy

Trading history channel: Joker Trading History 


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