Summary of Exness Trading Account according to Joker Vip Signal (March 21 – June 10)

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Once again, we had our trading history shortened by Exness. To be able to review the history of previous times, please read this article:

For Joker, the Vip channel’s trading history is like an image representing the Team’s capabilities. But every 2-3 months, Exness shortens it and everything is like starting from scratch.

I am trying to record the history of the Vip channel for the past 3 months. It’s like a diary for you to review.


Joker Team trading history (March 21-June 10)

What is the VIP signal channel? Please read this post: How To Join The VIP Trading Signal Channel Of Joker Team

To view the trading history of Joker Team, let’s read this article: How To View The Trading History Of The Joker Team


Overview of Joker signal – (March 21-June 10) #day_trading

  • Deposit : $20,000.86 ✅
  • Total Profit: $9,918 💰
  • Withdrawal: $9,919 💰
  • Full Clip MT4: Click Here.
Joker Team trading history

Joker Team trading history

We have a summary every week, including a video + detailed trading images: Click Here.

Joker VIP channel history

Joker VIP channel history


– Above is the entire trading history from March 21 to June 10 of the Team. We only trade correctly all the signals given in the VIP channel.

– Capital management from start to finish: 0.6 lot/order with Gold and 1 lot/order with currency.

– We show both of our winning and losing orders.

Personal opinion

If you can survive in the market, you will naturally earn profits. Everything Joker is doing is towards survival. The longer you live, the more money you make.

Note: With the signal channel, we are only responsible for giving signals with the highest correct probability. We’re not responsible for your account. Therefore, unlike Copy trade, Fund, or Bot/EA, we are not responsible to show the read-only access or MQL5 to you.

How the Vip channel of Joker Team works

How the Vip channel of Joker Team works

The thinking of making a signal will still be the same.

(i) Reason for entry.

(ii) Clear entry zone and SL.

(iii) Remind customers to set breakeven SL or partial TP.

(iv) Summarize each week, and show the account by videos. You can see details on the History channel: HERE.

How to join Joker’s VIP channel

Read this article in detail: How To Join The VIP Trading Signal Channel Of Joker Team

Here, we don’t help you get rich quickly, nor x2, x5 your accounts in 3 days or 1 week. Everything we are trying to do is to survive. Just breathe in this market long enough and money will surely come. So, if you join with the expectation that it will help you get rich quickly, and make money fast, please GO somewhere else.

Let’s look at the above account again. After nearly 10 weeks of trading, we only earn nearly 50% of the account.

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