How To Connect And Sell Exness Trading Signals On MQL5 Platform

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If you are an excellent trader and want to sell your trading signals on MQL5 to earn extra income, this article will show you how to connect your MT4/MT5 account on Exness broker to MQL5 platform.

MQL5 is the father of MT4/MT5 as well as the world’s number 1 trading social network. Bringing your trading account here can attract more traders to copy trade your signals. From there, your trading income also increases.


Necessary conditions

1. Your account is fully verified.

2. Your MT4/MT5 trading account must be logged in directly on your phone (don’t use the read-only password).

3. The best leverage accepted on MQL5 is 1:600. Change your Exness trading account to this level.

How to change leverage on Exness is very simple: (1) Log in to your Exness account > (2) Select the MT4/MT5 account you want to change leverage > (3) Go to settings and choose to change leverage > (4) Lower leverage to 1:600 and Confirm.

Set leverage on Exness

Set leverage on Exness

The next thing to do is to get a MetaQuotes ID.

How to get and enter MetaQuotes ID into MQL5

Step 1: Login to your MT4/MT5 account on your phone

I am using is iPhone so this is MT4 trading on iOS. You can do the same on Android.

(1) At Account Settings > (2) Chat and Messages. My MetaQuotes ID will display > Copy this sequence of numbers (It’s like a code consisting of both letters and numbers).

Login to your MT4/MT5 account on your phone

Login to your MT4/MT5 account on your phone

Step 2: Enter MetaQuotes ID

Now you log in to your MQL5 account > (1) Go to your Profile > (2) Select Settings and click Security > (3) Fill in the MetaQuotes ID code here.

Enter MetaQuotes ID

Enter MetaQuotes ID

Ok! Next, I will now guide you through adding your trading account to the platform.


How to connect your Exness account to MQL5 to sell trading signals

Step 1: Create trading signals on MQL5

Right at the main interface, (1) Click Signals and select Create signal.

Create trading signals on MQL5

Create trading signals on MQL5

Step 2: Register an MT4/MT5 trading account on MQL5

If you want to register any signal account on MQL5, please complete that account information

Complete the account registration information

Complete the account registration information

(1) Select Public signal so that your account can be seen by everyone

(2) Your account name

(3) Basic information such as MT4 or MT5, login ID and Password (You must enter the real password).

(4) Your trading server

(5) How much do you want to sell your trading signals? Please fill in that.

When the system says like the picture below, basically everything is done. Just wait for MQL5 to approve. During this process, you can write a few introductory lines, describing your trading account.

Write a description for the account

Write a description for the account

Step 3: Check the result

It’s simple: (1) Go back to Signals on the main interface > (2) Click on My Signals > (3) All Signals. So your Mt4/MT5 account has officially online on MQL5.

Pic: Check the results

How to delete an account on MQL5

If your trading account got bad results or it runs out of money, you can delete it by going to Settings (gear icon – as shown) > Click Delete. It is done!

Check the results

Check the results


Let’s say I normally sell my signals for 30$ per month, I will split 30% of the money back to the MQL5 system. So I will receive $21/month for each trader who signs up to copy trade my signals.

The advantage here is that MQL5 is a world-leading platform. You can attract hundreds or even thousands of traders worldwide. If you have 200 traders copying your account, you will earn a steady profit of $4200 every month.

Because Exness is one of the most responsive and stable brokers when it comes to MQL5, you can use it to sell signals at MQL5 easier than other brokers.



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