Scalping Account $25,000

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I will transfer all the money in Exness to XM and start my Scalping journey.


Why was Joker Scalping born?

– Partners criticized Joker for entering too few orders, sometimes less than 1 order a day. Therefore, I launched the Scalping channel to trade more (3 – 5 orders a day). Of course, the more orders, the higher the probability of death.

– Completing the Forex Academy lesson plan, the upcoming trading system will be Magic Joker (specializing in Scalping). Therefore, we’ll both share theory and practice trading. Do them in parallel to test the effectiveness. Class channel (Joker Academy) – detailed link:

– Bring money to the XM platform to keep the trading history from being shortened. Whatever you do, you should show the history because today’s trading by mouth is a lot.

Why was Joker Scalping born?

Why was Joker Scalping born?

Joker’s procedure

Maybe it will be a monthly fee channel with responsibilities and benefits.

– Share on Zoom how to enter orders and review all orders for the week.

– Operate the same way as before: (i) Reason for entry, (ii) Specific entry point, and (iii) Quote the price. We’ll quote one price level detailedly, not by zone. With Scalping, we will calculate to earn each pip with the market. So when entering an order, I will only quote one price.

– Summarize each day in money, not statistics in pips. Many people say that Joker’s statistics according to pips are virtual. Ok! Then we change to summarize by money. You can understand immediately when looking at it.

Joker's procedure

Joker’s procedure

– At the weekend, I’ll use Zoom to share and review, and summarize the week by videos and MT4 images. We will show everything, both winning and losing orders.

– I will focus more on sharing sessions because you need to listen a lot and absorb the idea of survival. Learn discipline, learn patience, restraint, learn to lower expectations… In short, learn to change your inner self, not the method.

– Channel will stop when the account drops 40%, i.e. negative $10,000. I would consider it a Fail strategy.

Who should join?

Repeat the criterion: SURVIVAL – If you can breathe in this market, you will earn. Scalping is okay or Swing is also not bad… The first criterion must be SURVIVAL.

Therefore, this game is for those who have experience in risk management. You must know exactly how much you will lose in a trade and accept it.

At the same time, those who have not earned money, are losing money, need a place to see, to regain faith, to verify, to learn… then come here and take a sit. At least I don’t trade with my mouth, don’t do random analysis, don’t lure or bring customers to this or that broker.


This is the end of a light introduction to the Scalping channel as well as preparing for the Forex Academy series – the Magic Joker trading system.


I will come back with a more detailed article on the topic of Scalping. You need to give us time to backtest the history of the trading system, and also draft some orders so that the channel doesn’t go blank.

Scalping channel is very different from the Vip channel. Because this is like a double-edged sword. If you have played with a knife, you must accept the chance that it can cut your hand. The problem is when the hand is cut, you should choose what to do, either stop the bleeding or let the blood flow to death. But whichever option you choose, you’ll still bleed. It’s painful, not a pleasant feeling.

Wish you have lots of health because in the Scalping game we will need a healthy body and mind.


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