500K USD – Restarting Joker Fund Project

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Shortly, we’ll restart the Joker Fund with the wave trading style. We’ll use long-term orders, follow the waves and manage capital strictly.

This time, our team will be granted 3 funds, including 2 MFF Funds (by passing the exam and receiving) and 1 ATFX Fund.

My Forex Funds (MFF)

All of our accounts have been passed. We’re waiting for receiving real funds.

A 300k USD account has passed 2 rounds.

The 300k USD account has passed 2 rounds

The 300k USD account has passed 2 rounds

A 100k account has also passed 2 rounds

The 100k USD has also passed 2 rounds of MFF

The 100k USD has also passed 2 rounds of MFF

My certificate of achievement from MFF.

Certificate of MFF

Certificate of MFF


This is the fund gathered by the brothers in the Joker team and we’ve started on the ATFX platform. We’ve just entered 1 Gold order after opening the fund.

This account is used as a brand for ATFX Vietnam so all orders will be shown off (from judgment, entry to history).

Pic: ATFX Vietnam’s 100k USD fund


The majority of Fund signals and orders are for those who like to place long-term orders, have the ability to hold orders, or people who are trading physical gold.

If you like, you can copy Joker Team’s Exness Social. It has already made 20% profit after 6 weeks. It’s relatively safe, starting with just $15.

Joker Team's Social Exness

Joker Team’s Social Exness


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