How To Manage Money When Joining Joker VIP Channel

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If you don’t know anything about Signal Channel in Forex/Gold, please read this article carefully:

Ok, before starting, I’m going to show you all the proofs that we’ve been through.

Commitment: This is a long article but it’s worth reading. The thousands of dollars that Joker Team has earned are thanks to this. In the future, hundreds of thousands of dollars will still be earned this way. And as you’re reading this, here’s the summary.


Summary of Joker Team’s 28 consecutive weeks of trading history.

I will go from the beginning to the time I write this article, with proofs of each phase. You just need to click on the attached image or link, the History channel will appear (Including weekly summary, trading videos on the MT4 of Exness broker).

Phase 1 (October 11, 2021 – December 17, 2021)

  • Total amount deposited: $21,087.
  • Total profit: $24,394.
  • Total amount withdrawn: 25,481$.
  • Detailed link (including MT4 account videos):
Phase 1 of Joker VIP account

Phase 1 of Joker VIP account

Phase 2 (December 20, 2021 – March 19, 2022)

This is the trading history after being shortened by Exness.

Phase 2 of Joker VIP account

Phase 2 of Joker VIP account

Phase 3 (March 21, 2022 – May 13, 2022)

This is the 3rd trading history shortened. There were a few quick shortens before that I didn’t have time to record.

Phase 3 of Joker VIP account

Phase 3 of Joker VIP account

Question: Why do I have to present these proofs?

Answer: Because what I write below needs clear proof.

What is the ultimate goal of the VIP Channel?

Answer: Survive.

“As long as you survive in this market, you will make money for sure.”

Here, Joker does not help you x3 x5 accounts. We do not help you get rich quickly nor help you change your life in 1 month….

What we are doing is SURVIVAL.

In fact, after more than 6 months of trading according to the signal of the VIP channel, Joker has x2.5 times the account (proof at the top of the article). As long as you survive, as long as you have money, as long as you live long enough in this market. After an amount of time participating, your account will naturally be profitable. This is the Joker’s operating criterion, our undying belief.

How to survive?

Answer: Stop Loss (SL), cut loss, cut loss, and cut loss.

All signals in the VIP channel have SL. What you need to do is set SL every time you trade. Winning or losing is a matter of probability. But with SL, your account is always safe.

Question: Has Joker ever lost?

Answer: Losing a lot, losing continuously. Even every time I enter an order, the result is only breakeven and loss. Here are a few such weeks, Week 15, week 21, and culminating in week 26 (The results were only losses or breakevens).

Joker's consecutive losing weeks

Joker’s consecutive losing weeks

Question: Then how?

Answer: It doesn’t matter. We’re still back and the account’s still growing.

Just in your head, there is the word – “SURVIVAL”. Even if you lose in a row, your account will only be negative temporarily. And then, everything will go back to the way it was. The account will slowly be recovered and the profits will slowly come.

So how to manage money according to Joker VIP Channel?

Ok, to make it easier to imagine, I will write in detail and very slowly, giving my specific example. Please remember that if you don’t do it right, you will definitely lose money.

Step 1: How much money are you willing to lose for 1 trade?

For example, your monthly income is $1,350. Each day corresponds to $45. Are you willing to lose 20$, is this number within your tolerance?

Please specify a number that you can lose in 1 trade. This number must not affect your psychology or emotions.

Reason: Money doesn’t grow on trees and trading is an emotional game. Looking at the money jumping in the account, your psychology will certainly be affected. The more you lose, the more you want to win back. But the more you want to recover the lost money, the more money you will lose.

Step 2: Calculate the trading volume

Joker Team has an SL range of 40 – 60 pips for 1 trade. The calculation will look like this.

– Let’s say you are willing to lose $20 for 1 trade. So in 1 trade with SL of 50 pips, you can only enter 0.04 lots/order.

– Or if you are willing to lose $300 for an order with SL of 60 pips, you can only enter up to 0.5 lots/order.

Calculate the trading volume

Calculate the trading volume

Explain in details

In finance, everyone has a very different feeling about money. The guy who earns a hundred thousand USD per month will not regret a few thousand a day. On the contrary, the guy who earns ten thousand per month will feel very burdened when he loses a few thousand.

Therefore, do not think that you can trade big like other people. To the rich, a few thousand dollars is nothing. But for you, if a few thousand dollars is your monthly salary – the money to send your children to school, to pay mortgage payments, etc. You will be afraid, greedy, and easily collapsed.

And in this market, when your mind is in trouble, you will almost certainly lose money. So, money management means that we do everything to eliminate the psychological factor.

I have seen a lot of traders do very well with a capital of $1000. They traded 0.1 lot/order, very good. The reason is very simple. When dealing with that much, the number of fluctuations is only a few tens of USD (a cup of coffee, cigarettes, a meal). With no psychological or emotional effects, they do a great job.

But also with those same traders, when they thought it was easy to win, easy to make money, deposited $20,000 and traded with Volume 2 lots/order, they died. At this point, the volatility for each order is several hundred dollars. They started to feel cold and began to fear losing money. And when they lost about $500 or more, they didn’t dare to cut loss. Because cutting a loss is losing money. As a result, they lose all of the money in their accounts.

Many idiots in the market are like that. They win a small amount of money but lose a big one. So, if your position is not a rich guy, please don’t be greedy. Lower the trading volume so low that when you look at it, your psychology will not be affected at all.

An example of the Joker Team

– Our original capital when establishing and starting the VIP signal channel: was $20,000.

– Number willing to lose for 1 trading order: The maximum is $500.

– So each order has an SL level of 50 – 60 pips. We only trade as follows.

Maximum 1 lot when trading currency pairs (EUR/USD, GBP/USD, GBP/JPY…)

Up to 0.6 lots/order when trading Gold (XAU/USD).

From the very beginning (November 2021) to the time I write this article (May 2022), all trading orders of Joker team are managed according to the original principle.

Joker VIP's money management

Joker VIP’s money management


Do you understand the core of money management? It does not come from the number you deposit. It comes from how much you dare to accept to lose. Never think 2% of $1,000 is the same as 2% of $20,000. Every time you enter a trade, the amount in your account jumps. The feeling of watching money fluctuate is extremely terrible. But in this game, your emotions or psychology have problems, you are definitely the loser.

How to calculate trading volume

As simple as this:

– First click on this link:

– Then, enter the total amount in your account (Capital). Next is what percentage you accept to lose on 1 trade; the stop loss of that trade (pips). Finally, choose the currency pair or Gold.

The results will automatically appear. And from now on, you just have to stick to that principle.

For example, Capital: $1000 – Risk: 3%, it means you accept to lose $30 for 1 trade – SL 50 pips – so for 1 order, enter 0.06 lot.

How to calculate the trading volume

How to calculate the trading volume

Your question now: When will I be rich with 0.06 lots/order?

Answer: I see rich guys trading forex and getting richer. I also see a lot of guys survive in this market for many years and make money (but not called rich). But I have not seen a poor guy get rich from Forex/Gold. Most of the poor people entering this market just become poorer.

I have already analyzed it above. With the rich guy, trading Forex is just for fun. If he loses, it doesn’t matter because he still has a lot of money. If wins, he shows off with his friends or posts it on social media. Of course, with a comfortable mind, he makes more money. As for the poor guy, he borrows and pours all the money he has into Forex trading and trades to be rich. But after seeing wild fluctuations in price and money in his account, he starts trembling. Losing 1 or 2 trades, his mind is messy and he wants to recover the losses by trading bigger and bigger. The result is as you know, very bad.

If you have seen anyone who was poor and now a rich man from this market, please leave a comment below. As for me, I have not seen anyone who can do that.

How to trade according to the signal channel

Trading signal from Admin

These are typical group signals. They are very clear with a reason for entry, BUY/SELL waiting zone, Stop loss level and 3 Take Profit zones. When the price runs 30 pips, we remind the customer to move stop loss to breakeven. When the price touches TP1, we tell the customer to close the order. All are very smooth and easy to do.

Trading signal from Admin

Trading signal from Admin

Who should refer to TP2 and TP3?

Answer: TP2 and TP3 are for experienced traders. On the contrary, if you are a beginner, just focus on entering an order, and placing SL and TP1.

What is a beginner? (1) A new trader just joins the market and doesn’t know anything yet and (2) Traders haven’t earned money in this market. If you have experience but have not earned money and withdrawn money from the broker at least 1 time, you are still a newcomer. Since you’re new, only enter a trade, place SL and TP1, and do nothing more. When there is a need to move the SL to break even or close early…, I will send a message. Don’t spend too much time watching the trading screen. The more you hug the MT4, the more you die. So after entering the order, go away and do something else.

Commitment: The signals we offer will have a higher win rate than the loss rate. Therefore, if you enter enough signals, simply hitting SL and TP1 will be profitable enough. If you do the same thing within 3-6 months and you lose, put your account here, and I’ll pay for the loss.

Entry zone

For example, here is an entry zone: SELL 1847 – 1849 (SL 1852.5).

Signal entry zone

Signal entry zone

– Suppose you enter MT4 and see that the price is at 1848. Then just enter a SELL order with enough volume, put SL and go out.

– But suppose you go to MT4 and see the price of 1846. At this time, split half the volume to enter early and enter the other half with SELL limit order at 1849. Set SL for both orders 1852.5. After setting up, close the MT4.

– In case when you enter MT4 and see that the price has decreased to 1845 or the admin has announced to move the stop loss to breakeven, then you shouldn’t follow the signal. You should also close the MT4. Don’t stand, look and regret this or that. If you can’t enter the order, it means your money is still in your pocket.

Note, be very careful. Most of the signals offered are instant so don’t try to trade against the market. You should actively divide the volume into 2 orders. Enter 1/2 when receiving the signal and the other half is for BUY/SELL limit order.

More advanced

– The first is to move the SL to break even. You have to do that because it’s better to break even than lose money. Remember my words. Don’t fool yourself that if the price pulls back to bite the SL. Leave it alone and go back tomorrow. There’s nothing to regret. Please put the word SURVIVAL in your brain. All of our signals have breakeven, SL, Tp1… Please execute the signals correctly.

– If you want to take profit 2, please take ½ at TP1 and use a trailing stop.

– What about TP3? On nights when the price runs one way, just take profit partially and enter a little to win TP3.


Every week we have a detailed summary at the Joker trading history channel. How is your account? I win, my team wins, and the customers win. But you lose? This must be revised. Either you are not following the signal effectively, or you are going wrong somewhere. Please inbox our support immediately for advice.

Summary of Joker VIP signal channel

Summary of Joker VIP signal channel

Do not hide ignorance! This is sincere advice. Please share your situation so that I can help. The more you stay silent, the more money you lose.

We go on a boat, trying to do our best to survive together. If we do not satisfy you, please comment on where we need to improve. Because together in the same boat, I sink, the Joker team sinks, you sink.

What to do when you just joined the VIP group


The market is still there tomorrow. We’re still breathing and alive tomorrow, maybe even longer. No one will die or the earth will perish. So there is no need to rush. If you have entered the VIP group, the first thing to do is check. The reliability of the signal group must be checked. Review the history, and several orders to see if they are correct.

Look up the day trading history of Joker Team

Look up the day trading history of Joker Team

  • If you want to go to the Trading History channel to check the old signals, please read this article in detail: How To View The Trading History Of The Joker Team
  • The better way is to open a DEMO account or trade with volume 0.01 to under Joker VIP for 1 to 2 weeks.

Start calculating the trading volume

This is the way to survive. Do you want x2 x3 times the account? Ok, all will be. As long as you exist and accompany the Joker for a long enough time. And to go the long way, please survive.

Let’s calculate the lot, the risk of 1 position, and the amount of the order… Learn discipline and patience.


After you have checked, tested for a while, and believed in Joker, you are ready to enter the order following the signals we give. Just enter right and enough volume and set SL, TP accordingly. I just need you to do it right. If you are new, don’t care about TP2 and TP3. What you need to do is to enter, set SL and TP1.

Give the team some time to prove that we are doing our job well.

Join Zoom of VIP channel

Every month we hold online zoom to share the team’s point of view. Remind about the lesson of SURVIVAL, share mistakes and experiences in trading.

Don’t care that you have high or low profits. Care that you are surviving. If after a journey together and your account is growing, stay and keep going.


Congratulations if you have read this far. You are a very patient person, who is suitable for making money in this market. I believe so!

The money is still in our pocket. What to do is up to you. I have shared what I need to share. The rest lies in your own decisions.


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