Trading Bot On Exness Broker – Earn Passive Income With Joker Team

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Trading bot is also considered one of the main products of Joker Team. It both brings a passive income for our customers and helps us earn the most Exness commissions for the team.

In this article, I will write about Joker Team trading bot and its proof of profit.

What is a trading bot?

Trading bot or EA (Expert Advisor) is an automated trading software for currency pairs on the MT4/MT5 platform.

You can understand it simply like this. Traders create a software (bot) that automatically trades according to what they set up in advance such as indicator conditions, candlestick conditions, etc. If the price goes right into these conditions, the software will automatically enter the order.

What is a trading bot?

What is a trading bot?

For example,

The strategy that I set up for Joker Bot is when the price enters the oversold zone of RSI + MACD + Fibonacci => Bot will automatically enter a SELL order.

I only choose the GBP/USD currency pair for this strategy. Only sell (no buy) in the H1 timeframe.

Joker trading bot strategy

Joker trading bot strategy

And this is the result of a very long journey from Joker Bot.

Joker Team trading bot’s results

Joker Team trading bot’s results

Joker Bot on MQL5

  • Joker Bot 1: Only sell a single pair of GBP/USD.
  • Capital $22,000 – Profit $3,900
  • Lasts 24 weeks
  • Maximum drawdown: 12%
Joker Bot 1 on MQL5

Joker Bot 1 on MQL5

How to join Joker Bot

Step 1: Contact to get the read-only access

This is an almost mandatory step when you work with the Joker team. The money is yours so you have to be suspicious and check it yourself. Thus, contact me to get the read-only access to Joker Team trading bot.

Contact Joker Team

Contact Joker Team


Step 2: Open Exness Cent account

One of the best ways for you to optimize your capital when participating in bot trading is to use Exness Cent account.

For example, you deposit $2,000 to trade with the bot. In your Exness Cent account, the amount you have will be 200,000 Cent. It’s very comfortable to run a trading bot. Your account will never be burned.

Step 3: Install the trading bot

Joker Team will do this for you. We will set up, monitor and manage your account for you.

Step 4: Profit sharing

Almost all clients managed by Joker Team will withdraw interest once a month. And we will gain our shares from this total profit – You 70% and Joker 30%.

For instance, a one-month profit of a $2,000 account will usually be 150$ – 200$. Joker will receive 30% on this profit of $45 – $60. Reason: We have to pay for bot rental and VPS fee.

Why should you join Joker Bot?

1. Transparency, clarity, publicity

Everything Joker Team does is publicly shared. You can contact me to get the read-only password any time you want. Follow the trading bot for at least 2 weeks to check if it works or not.

Why should you join us?

Why should you join us?

2. Safety

Our trading bot only trades in 1 way – SELL. Because when the market falls, it crashes harder than the time when it rises.

After receiving the read-only access, you should review its trading history. Exactly how long has the bot account been around? Over 6 months is enough to be considered safe.

3. Passive income

Bot profits are not high but you don’t need to do anything. We have everything set up, managed, and tracked for you.


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