About Joker Team’s Funds On The Exness Broker

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Currently, Joker team has 2 specialized Gold trading funds (XAU/USD) on the Exness broker. One fund specializes in buying and holding. The other one is used for trading in waves.

Today, I will share some of my experiences with exchange-traded funds. This article will also talk about how to manage capital, advantages and disadvantages of funds that Joker Team is managing on Exness.


Two Joker Team’s Gold Funds on Exness

Fund 1: $270,000 account

Start time: In January 2021, we first deposit in USDT to Exness broker.

Trading style: Buy and Hold. This account is still mainly buying Gold (1-way BUY).

Joker Team's Fund 1 in Exness

Joker Team’s Fund 1 in Exness

This account is no longer used to show because you feel so unreal when looking at it. It’s not unreal in the Demo style because even if there is a Demo, it is not possible to get an account that has entered a BUY order and held profits until now.

This is also the account to raise capital for the next funds. We will provide the read-only access for those who really want to participate in fund investment.

Fund 2: $220,000 account

This is the fund we created in October 2021.

Joker Team's Fund 2 in Exness

Joker Team’s Fund 2 in Exness

This fund’s style is wave trading. We enter, hold, take profit partially. Stop loss is sometimes up to 150 pips – 300 pips. Of course, if the SL is high, the TP is similar.

I don’t call this swing trading. I call it wave trading. If there is a wave of two or three hundred pips, I will enter the order.

This account to date (as of this writing) has entered a total of 19 trades. All are published in detail at Joker Trading History.

Why do we choose Exness to trade?

1. Our funds are not used for Daytrading or Scalping. Opening an account on the Exness broker saves a certain overnight fee (especially with Gold).

2. Exness accepts deposits and withdrawals in USDT on the ERC20 network. You can deposit up to 90,000 USDT once.

3. With a large amount of money, it is necessary to have a reputable and long-term trading broker in the market. Exness is one such platform.


How to receive Joker Fund trading signals?

It’s very simple. You just need to join the Joker team’s VIP channel. All Daytrading or Funds signals are shared by us transparently, openly and clearly.

How does Joker Team Fund trade?

Top Goal: Survive. My belief in this market has never changed. As long as you survive long enough, you will naturally make money.

Capital management style: Enter small orders, partial profit-taking and hold profits.

Some advantages

Only do medium and long-term Gold analysis

View the daily chart and find entry points on the H4 chart.

The advantage of the daily chart is the big overview. You don’t need to open MT4 and wait a whole day for some entry points. It’s not necessary. What I focus on is the trading zone. It is the confluences that have a big enough chance, high winning rates and chances to hold for more profits.

This is why most of my analysis doesn’t touch the H1 chart. Scalping or day trading is not my forte.

Gold analysis on the daily chart

Gold analysis on the daily chart

Less trading

For me, less trading is an advantage. The more cautious, the safer you are. For example, the $220,000 fund – first deposited in October 2021 till the day I write this article, April 2022 – only has 19 orders.

This is considered a consequence of only analyzing a daily chart. You can’t be caught up with fluctuations in small time frames.
Thus, there will be fewer entry points.

Advantages of Joker funds

Advantages of Joker funds


Gold (XAU/USD) is one of the strongest volatility indexes in the market. But I’m not shaken when looking at it. I only enter 1 order a week, sometimes even less than that number. It comes from my personality.

I usually call it boring. I like simple and boring things and safety too. And in a way, it is an advantage in trading, survival, entering orders and profit holding.



Unequal capital allocation

I have gathered a fairly large amount of money, but only trade a small portion of it. The rest of the money is almost left lying on the broker for nothing.

This leads to not optimizing investors’ capital. I get a lot of questions like Why to pool more than 200,000 USD but only use very little of that number in trading.

Disadvantages of Joker funds

Disadvantages of Joker funds

Not for the majority

Most of my trades are very clearly publicized in all articles from market analysis, planning for each scenario and clear SL and TP points. Planning is easy but most people don’t act like what they plan. The difference here is not knowledge but psychology.

You can review all of my analyses at tradingview.

Fund trading is not for the majority

Fund trading is not for the majority


It’s still not a long way, however, we – Joker Team – have improved a lot. Each person has different strengths and personalities, which are suitable for different types of trading. It’s been quite long since the last time I’ve done scalping and surfing. Despite being boring, I find this essential to be able to hold large accounts.

I’m proud that there aren’t many teams that can do like Joker in the market. We share signals, trade and show the whole history. If you don’t believe it, check our channel now.



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