How To Become An Introducing Broker For Exness

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There are many names about this job – introducing broker, partner, ref, affiliate, etc. After becoming an Exness Introducing Broker, you will get a commission every time people use your referral link to register accounts and trade.

In this article, I show you how to become an introducing broker for Exness step by step in detail.

Exness Partnership Program

This is one of the programs that helped Exness become as strong as it is today. I will introduce this program for you to understand.

Exness Partnership Program

Exness Partnership Program

It includes:

(1) Introducing Broker Program (IB) on Exness.

(2) Affiliate Program.

These 2 programs are quite different and the way to receive the commission is also different. Before showing you how to register and become an Exness partner, I will briefly describe these two programs for you to choose from.

What is IB – Introducing Broker on Exness?

IB is an abbreviation of the English name of Introducing Broker, which can be roughly understood as a broker for exchanges such as stocks, forex, gold… The IB plays the role of selling and supporting. It’s quite like a consultant who connects the exchange with traders, investors, buyers, and sellers of stocks/foreign currencies.

On Exness, if you become an IB, you can get a commission of up to 40% of your client’s trading fees.

How to do: Register to become an Introducing Broker on Exness exchange > Refer customers > Guide and take care of customers > Receive commissions from the exchange when customers trade.

What is IB – Introducing Broker on Exness?

What is IB – Introducing Broker on Exness?

What is Affiliate Program?

Affiliate is also known as an exchange’s collaborator. Simply put, you just need to refer a trader to the exchange and you will immediately receive a commission. Of course, the exchanges will have requirements such as opening an account, verifying and depositing at least $10, etc.

On Exness, the Affiliate program stipulates that you just need to refer customers in any country who will deposit a minimum deposit of $10 and you will get $25 for each such referral.

How to do: Take advantage of the current traffic source from your websites, and social media (Facebook, Twitter, telegram, etc) > Customers just need to register, deposit and trade > Exness will pay you commissions.

What is Affiliate Program?

What is Affiliate Program?

These 2 programs are completely different. If you are an IB, you will earn money from your clients’ trades. The more clients trade, the more commissions you get. As for the Affiliate program, what you need to do is introduce and receive money (You only get 1 time only). What they do after that is their businesses.

Now, I will show you how to register to become an IB on Exness exchange

How to become an introducing broker of Exness exchange

Step 1: You must have an Exness account

To become an Exness IB, you must have a trading account at the exchange and the account must be verified.

If you don’t have an account, click the button below to create one.


Step 2: Join the Partnership program

In the square box in the right corner, click on “Partnership”.

Join the Partnership program of Exness

Join the Partnership program of Exness

Step 3: Login to Exness Partnership

If your Exness account is verified, use the same account to login here.

Sign in to Exness Partnership

Sign in to Exness Partnership

Now then, I will share some information on the introducing broker interface – how to refer customers, how to see commissions…

How to view information on Exness Partnership

To make it easier to understand, I’ll go through it all at once. For the rest, you have to learn yourself.

Tab 1: Dashboard – All information

Looking at it, you will understand immediately.

(i) This is your commission. It includes the total amount of commissions you earn on Exness and the commissions that you have not withdrawn to your bank account. For example, in the picture below, $460.27 is the amount I have not withdrawn to my bank account. And $32967.19 is the total commission I have earned from Exness.

Dashboard - All information

Dashboard – All information

(ii) Partner link. This is your referral link. You just need to give this link to your guests and have them sign up. Remember, IB links are money. Please copy and save it in a place that is easy to get and remember. So that when there are guests, you can immediately give them the partner link.

(iii) Commission informattion. Your commission will be increased step by step. The more customers, the more commissions you get.

Tab 2: Report

How many customers do you have, how many Lots, and how much is the total commission…? All will appear in this tab. A minus point of Exness is that you will not see customer emails.

Report of customer information

Report of customer information

Tab 3: Payment

This is the Exness payment section. Exness pays you every day. You can withdraw to your bank account anytime you want.

Commission payment

Commission payment

Tab 4: Promo – advertising campaigns

Exness designed many banners and videos… about its exchange. You can go here, and get a picture or code to attach to your website. These images are equivalent to IB links.

Advertising campaigns

Advertising campaigns

Tab 5: Support

If there are any problems, please go to this tab to contact support. They will be very helpful to you.

Exness support

Exness support


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