How To Buy And Trade US Stocks On Exness Broker

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The world now is in complicated development. After the war between Russia and Ukraine, for the first time in many years, the Fed started to raise interest rates again…. And of course, no one knows for sure what will happen in the near future. Along with the bad news is always an opportunity for you and me to buy cheap stocks. That is why the group of US stocks is very interested and popular on the Exness broker.

In this article, I will show you how you can trade US stocks on Exness.


How to trade stocks on PC/Laptop

To trade stocks on Exness, you need to download and install MT5 on your PC or Laptop. You can read this article to know how to download MT5 to your laptop/pc.

After logging into the MT5 account, we start with step 1.

Step 1: Choose stock code

(1) Click on the folder containing the $ => (2) Select the Stock folder => Select the stock you want to trade.

For example, I will buy stock of GOOGLE (Alphabet Inc) with the code GOOGL.

Choose stock code

Choose stock code

Step 2: Open the price chart

You just need to right-click on the stock code and select Chart Window. A price chart will open. You can view price action, analyze and trade on it.

Open the price chart

Open the price chart


Step 3: Trade stocks

If you predict the stock to go up, buy it => Customize the amount you want to trade and click BUY.

Conversely, if you predict the stock price to drop, sell it => Customize trading volume and click SELL.

Stocks trading on Exness broker

Stocks trading on Exness broker

How to trade stocks on smartphones

First, you need to download the MT5 from the Appstore or Google Play to your smartphone. You can see the instructions in the article – How to download and install MT5 on your phone.

Login to your MT5 account and start trading stocks.

Step 1: Choose a product

Many US stocks are allowed to be traded on Exness, especially Bigtech groups such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Netflix, etc.

You just need to go to the Stock section and select the stock codes you want. For example, I choose Facebook and Google.

Choose a product

Choose a product

Step 2: Start trading

After looking through the price, I bought Google stock as shown below.

Start trading stocks on your smartphone in the Exness broker

Start trading stocks on your smartphone in the Exness broker

Things to pay attention to when trading stocks on Exness

1. You can only buy and sell stocks on MT5 platfỏm. You cannot trade them on MT4.

2. When you buy stocks, leverage will be low.

3. This is index trading. When you buy and the price goes up, you make money. If the price goes down, you lose money then. You cannot receive dividends from businesses you have chosen to buy.

4. The risk from trading stocks is as great as when you trade Forex/Gold. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to manage risk.



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