4 Reasons Why You Should Use a Cent Account in Forex Trading

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Very few trading platforms have Cent accounts for Bot traders or new traders. In this article, I will talk about the Exness Cent account, a thing every trader should have.

What is a Cent account?

Cent account is an account type that shows in Cent (1$ = 100 cents). Transactions on this account will also be made in Cent.

On Exness, Cent is also displayed as USC. 1 USD = 100 USC. For example, if you deposit $15 in Exness, the balance will show up on your Cent account as $1,500.

The volume you enter orders on MT4 at this time will be called micro lots. 1 lot = 100 micro lots.

How to open a Cent account on Exness

Step 1: Log in to Exness and create a new account

After logging in, click Open New Account

After logging in, click Open New Account

Step 2: Choose Standard Cent account

Choose Standard Cent account

Choose Standard Cent account

Step 3: Complete registration information

Complete registration information

Complete registration information

Now you just need to deposit $15 into your newly created account. The balance received will be 1,500 USC. It’s quite a lot to trade for a beginner.

In Exness, when you use this type of account, all currency pairs will have the letter “c” at the end. For example, Gold would be XAUUSDc.

Cent account on MT4

Cent account on MT4

Limitations of the account

– There is no Demo for this account and you can only use it on MT4.

– Limit the number of currency pairs, cryptos and stocks.

Why should you have an Exness Cent account?

  • Cent unit is very small.

1$ = 100 Cents. You can freely trade and test any Forex or Gold strategy as you like.

Of course, you can use a Demo account for testing. But trading demo is not emotional, which is a decisive factor. Therefore, for experienced traders, to experience emotions during the trading process, they will usually use a Cent account.

  • Run bot trading

Trading bot is not too strange for many traders. The majority of bot trading strategies on the market are DCA (dollar cost average) and martingale.

Therefore, when using this type of account, a trading bot will have more money to trade.

  • Suitable for beginners

Are you just starting to enter this market? Then use this account to experience. You can learn and draw more experience comfortably without too much stress.

  • Sell Copy Trade signals

With a comfortable mind when trading Cent, you can absolutely win the market. And if you do this, you can put your account on MQL5 to sell trading signals.

In short

Instead of opening a boring demo account and trading without any emotion, try yourself a Cent account. Deposit $200 = 20,000 Cents and start trading like a real trader. I believe you will learn a lot from practical experience.


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